It took three months

For a serious rain to comb

Through the air over this new

Blue line.

When it came,

It raised anticipations

Up out of the concrete

In a steam

That smelled like piss

And other places.

It didn’t stop.

For weeks and

The beaches became

Swollen like

Damp socks.

Houses not high

Enough on a hill

Let their colors

Stain the make-shift

Rivers all kinds of denim.

After a few months,

The shops finally

Said, we can’t live like this.

And no one longed

For them after

They were gone.

Everything was drowned

Everything that didn’t

Learn to swim.

Heartburn and

'I miss you's

And tiredness.

After a while

We forgot about our vibrating

And were content

To float

While we waited.
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